If you have a standard definition or high definition camcorder that has an internal hard drive or media card (SD, SDHC, Compact Flash, Memory Stick) we can transfer the content to DVD.

We can also backup the original video files from your HD camcorder onto DVD data discs so they can be preserved for the future.

Blu-ray Deluxe Transfer Package

SD or SDHC Card
HDV Tape
HDV Tape

We transfer HDV tapes (Sony or Canon), Panasonic P2 or other HD files on external hard drives, SD, SDHC, Compact Flash Cards, or DVD-R / CD-R.
Standard definition tapes (VHS, Video 8, etc) should be transferred to DVD.


$59.95 per hour of video

Please call or email.

Blu-ray Authoring

We can design menus with custom backgrounds and navigation. Labor is billed at $95/hour. Please ask us for a quote on your project.

Additional Blu-ray Copies

See our duplication page for discounts on bulk quantities.

$20 per copy

Blu-ray Player Warning
Not all Blu-ray players are built the same. Many of the earlier models have playback problems. Please ask to borrow one of our test discs ($20 deposit required) to test your equipment. Else we cannot guarantee that the discs we make will play in your machine.

DDVF cannot duplicate materials protected under United States Copyright Law. These include store bought movies, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, cassette tapes, and CDs as well as television programs and professionally produced videos. When presenting material to DDVF for duplication, you will be required to sign that you are the copyright owner (i.e., it is your home video) or you have permission from the owner to duplicate the work.