We scan your 35mm (as well as most other popular film sizes) slides, negatives, or prints to produce high-quality electronic files.

Our film scanning equipment will convert your mounted 35mm slides to digital files that can be displayed, printed, and/or emailed.

TIF and JPEG Files

You will receive the original TIF as well as processed JPEG files. The JPEG files are automatically corrected for brightness & color balance.

DVD Slideshow

In addition to the TIF and JPEG files, you will also receive a DVD-Video slideshow where each slide is displayed for 5 seconds.

USB Flash Drive

Scanning jobs will also include a USB flash drive for faster copying to your computer system or cloud based storage.


File Size

Price per


3600 DPI

TIF: 45 to 48 mb
JPG: 8 to 13 mb


Includes master DVD(s) and 1 extra copy & USB flash drive

1800 DPI

TIF: 9 to 12 mb
JPG: 2 to 4 mb


Includes master DVD(s) and 1 extra copy & USB flash drive

If order of slides is important, slides must be numbered

35mm Kodachrome Slides 35mm Slide Carousel

Downsizing? Save 90.6% space by scanning your 35mm slides!

Just over 4500 slides in 43 carousels take up 6.88 cubic feet. After scanning and neatly packed into ziploc bags they take up 0.65 cubic feet. Space savings of 90.6% for those looking to downsize. Hang on to the original 35mm slides and discard the carousels. More importantly you can share all the digital photos with your family!

Space Consolidation after Scanning 35mm Slides

DDVF cannot duplicate materials protected under United States Copyright Law. These include store bought movies, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, cassette tapes, and CDs as well as television programs and professionally produced videos. When presenting material to DDVF for duplication, you will be required to sign that you are the copyright owner (i.e., it is your home video) or you have permission from the owner to duplicate the work.