Will my DDVF DVD disc work on my player?

Your DDVF DVD will play in over 99% of the DVD players on the market today. These players are generally produced by the major manufacturers and are 100% DVD compliant. There are a small percentage of DVD players (around 1%) that do not comply fully with the international DVD specifications. Many of these machines are older or very inexpensive brands and have problems playing certain mass produced DVDs as well as short-run DVD-R discs.

I have a “first generation” player. Will my disc work?

First generation DVD players are defined as those introduced in 1997, the year DVD was introduced to the world. Many of the players that first hit the streets are not 100% compliant with the entire DVD specification. The number of these players that are incompatible is substantially higher than 1%.

What if my disc won’t work in my player?

Your DDVF DVD probably contains treasured memories that you will enjoy for a lifetime. Since a DVD is designed to last 100 years, it is certain that you will be enjoying your DVD for much longer than your current player will last. DVD is the first media that truly gives you the opportunity to preserve your memories for many generations. However, if you have purchased an incompatible player, here are some possible solutions:

  • Return your player: If you bought the player recently, you may be able to return it for a new, compliant player. Look for a major brand (such as Sony, Panasonic, Philips, or Toshiba) and avoid no-name, “cheap” players. Most manufacturers are now promoting that their players support DVD-R and DVD+R discs. This is what you want to look for.
  • Buy a new player: Although this seems like a bit of a drastic solution, many major brand DVD players are now under $40. You can keep the older player for another room in the house or give it to a family member as a gift.

Incompatible DVD Players

Here is a list of players that have been identified as possibly incompatible with DDVF DVD discs. Your DVD may not play correctly in these machines.

Aiwa XDD370, XDDW1, XDDW5, XPK7
Apex AD500, AD500A, AD600A
AudioLogic DVD101
Denon DVD1000, DVD1500, DVD3000, DVM1800
Emerson DVD2000
Fisher S1000
Go! Video DVR4000, DVR5000, DVS3000
Hitachi GD3000, GD5000, GVD305
JVC XV1000, XV501, XV525BK, XVD701, XVM565BK
Kenwood DV403, DV402
Lasonic 2000, 2100
Memorex MVD2026
Mitsubishi DD2000, DD3000, DD4001
Panasonic DVDA100, DVDA105, DVDA110, DVDA120, DVDCV50, PV-DF2700, SCHT80
Philips DVD400, DVD405, DVD701, DVD711, DVD825AT, DVD850, DVD950, DVD95DAT, DEV781CH
Pioneer DVL700
RCA RC5200P to 5231P, RC5510P, RC5910
Sampo DVE520
Samsung DVD739, DVD839, DVDC600, DVD709/XAA
Sanyo DVDC600, DWM-360
Sony DVPS3000, DVPS3000TP, DVPS7000, DVPS7000TP, PVDV30
Sylvania DVL1000, DVL100A, DVL500A
Toshiba SD2109, SD3107, SD3109, SD5109, SD6109C, SD9000, SD9000U
X-Wave B171-L9
Yamaha DVDC900
Zenith IQDVD2300